Circle Studio

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(GYROKINESIS, Pilates Mat, Yoga)


Single EQUIPMENT Class

(GYROTONIC Tower, Pilates Reformer)



5 Class Pack (Mat)

$95 ($19/class)

5 class pack (EQUIPMENT)

$165 ($33/class)


10 Class Pack (Mat)

$180 ($18/class)

10 class pack (EQUIPMENT)

$320 ($32/class)


We ask all newcomers to GYROTONIC® and Pilates to take a minimum of 3 private sessions before enrolling into group equipment classes. See New Client Special for more info.


Circle Studio Classes

In a group equipment Pilates or GYROTONIC® class three clients work with one instructor. Group equipment classes combine machine-based exercise with mat work.

You can add or transition to group classes when you have a basic understanding of the exercises and the order in which they are performed. Clients are expected to be able to work more independently and to be able to set up their equipment.

Instructor approval is recommended to book an equipment class. Mat classes are open to all levels.

Beginner Level

Focus on developing the fundamentals of GYROTONIC® or Pilates and solidifying the physical principles of the work. Class is modified according to the experience levels of the participants. 

Minimum required experience: 3-5 private sessions and basic knowledge of equipment setup and terminology

Intermediate Level

Move beyond fundamentals to delve into deeper physical concepts with a greater variety of exercises. Be prepared to move at a quicker pace than in Level 1. 

Minimum required experience: 4-6 months of regular Pilates/GYROTONIC® practice and basic knowledge of equipment setup and terminology

Advanced Level

Explore advanced concepts and choreography, with a focus on further deepening physical connections while moving at a challenging pace.

Minimum required experience: 1 year of regular Pilates/GYROTONIC® practice and/or instructor permission; comprehensive knowledge of equipment setup and terminology

Combined Class Level

Each class is tailored to the experience level of the participants.



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