Circle Studio

1231 NW 11th Avenue


“Extraordinary in every way!”
Circle Studio is where I send my physical therapy clients for GYROTONIC® and Pilates without reservation. I have had fantastic sessions with many of the teachers there and am always impressed with their high-level of professionalism, fitness knowledge, and pure love for what they do. The owners are some of the best businesswomen around and I have utmost respect for the amazing space they have created at Circle. My clinic Shine Integrative Physical Therapy is honored to work with these outstanding folks and I highly recommend you train with them to optimize your wellness goals, prevent injuries, and just feel better!

- Emily Soiney, Physical Therapist

Excellent instructors & challenging workouts!
Excellent instructors & challenging workouts!! I’ve been practicing Pilates for 14 months and came to Circle Studio about 6 months ago to expand my Pilates knowledge and keep challenging my workouts. I’ve definitely found that! Every class I learn some small subtlety to an exercise which engages my deeper, harder to target muscles. As a result, I have gained more strength, stability, and flexibility. In addition to learning from great instructors, the environment is wonderful, the studio is always clean and I never have an issue with parking.

- Maria

“Great experience”
I had never been to a GYROTONIC®/ Pilates studio before and was looking to try something new. From the first time I met the group at Circle Studios I felt welcomed. Erin and Richard are absolutely terrific at educating you not just about the exercises, but how your body is responding and what is happening. They, and all the people there, are patient, warm, funny and smart! Its been a great experience which I highly recommend!

– Lisa

Thanks to Circle Studio for guiding and “fixing” the way I move!
I’m a 20+ year marathon runner and have always worn a motion control shoe due to back and foot issues. I started Pilates at Circle Studio last year to develop my core and to cross-train.After several months of attending classes, I went into a running store to purchase a new pair of shoes. After a gait analysis, the fit expert told me that I no longer need a motion control shoe, but I need a neutral shoe – indicating that I have NO BIO MECHANICS ISSUES! Many thanks to Kari and Richard for guiding and “fixing” the way I move!

– Kate

Improvement in strength, balance, walking ability, and overall fitness level
I have a chronic back problem which persisted through several courses of physical therapy, and for which spinal fusion surgery has been recommended. I asked my doctor, Dr Jung Yoo, Chair of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at OHSU, if there were any nonsurgical options he could recommend. He suggested I try Pilates for at least several months. I started three times a week at Circle, never having done Pilates before, and have seen real improvement in my strength, balance, walking ability, and overall fitness level. My back pain has decreased significantly. The studio is spotlessly clean, beautiful, and serene, and the instructors are seriously terrific.

– Eileen

Back problems have disappeared
Ever since I started GYROTONIC® sessions with Kari, my back problems have disappeared. She has a way of watching your body and knowing what it needs to feel better by the time you leave the studio.

– Jen Nicolazzo

Achieved a level of flexibility that I never knew was possible
Thirty years of running (and not stretching!) had destined me to a life of chiropractor visits and an inability to touch my toes from lack of flexibility. Since joining Circle Studio, starting Pilates and GYROTONIC®, I have not needed to see my Chiropractor and have achieved a level of flexibility that I never knew was possible. In addition, my body overall has begun to move with more fluid and graceful motions. Kari and her team are fun, energetic and extremely knowledgeable instructors. I can honestly say that joining Circle Studios was the best investment that I have ever made in my overall health and fitness routine.”

– Wendy

I can do things now that were next to impossible before
I was brand new to Pilates when I started working with Kari two years ago.I’m in my early 60’s and have some lower back stiffness, some scoliosis and other minor complaints that come with age. Slowly, I learned how to work my stomach in all the exercises with Kari’s patient and gentle teaching. There has been tremendous improvement and I can do things now that were next to impossible in the beginning. The best result with my increased flexibility is that I no longer have back problems.

– Susan

Very impressed with the results
I had an opportunity to re-examine a patient who had undergone knee surgery in my clinic, and was utterly surprised to see how good the knee itself and the musculature of the leg were. The muscular function of the operated [knee] was superior to the other side, and the abraded defect of the articular cartilage healed, which shows how effective your GYROTONIC® training program really is. I am very impressed with the results obtained so far.

– Jurgen Toft, M.D., Medicine, Orthopedics, Munic Germany

Circle Studio Rocks!
I take private sessions with Kari Koch at Circle and can highly recommend the whole studio. I started with major back pain after a pregnancy and then carrying around a toddler. Kari is completely focused and saw exactly what I needed to heal and strengthen. She’s one of those rare trainers who truly cares and wants to help her clients move forward. After two sessions, I was out of pain and had a new awareness of my body and how I move it. Totally amazing!

– Caroline

Moved from 60th to 30th on the money list in one year
GYROTONIC® training is great! Most golfers fight coming up out of the shot, but this strengthening routine works on keeping you in the shot from start to finish. Since I have been paying attention to my posture and flexibility, and have moved from 60th to 30th on the money list in one year.

– Andrew Magee, PGA Tour golfer

Elizabeth is a 5 star instructor!
First, the studio is clean and beautifully set for a classic workout. Second the equipment is state of art and plentiful. But third (and definitely should be first), Elizabeth is a top notch Pilates instructor. When you begin your workout with Elizabeth she will ask key questions about workout goals, injuries and anything you need to tell her about your body. Be honest because she asks to modify your workout for YOU!
When I began with Elizabeth I had been engaged in Pilates for years. But with Elizabeth I went to new heights with an advanced workout. I know I look better, because I constantly am asked by friends and others “Did you loose weight? You look taller. You look more rested. What is dfferent about you?”
I’m even happier with the way I feel. I’m more energetic. I have better stamina and yes I’ll admit I love the new size of jean I fit into. I love how slim my legs are. I love the looks I get at the pool when I take my coverup off. I really love how my husband says, “You have the best legs in town since you started working out with Elizabeth.
Oh, and yes I love that Grandma Bertie’s arms are at bay. No longer do I feel uncomfortable in tank tops. Now my arms are slimmer and definitely well-shaped. I do not have bat arms any longer. There is no shake the booty of my upper arm. They are toned and yes– I worked hard to get them there!!!
My best advice. Take at least one year of workouts with Elizabeth and then see where you are versus where you were. I am certain you will say it was the best thing you’ve done for YOU for a long time!”
Pros: Elizabeth creates an AGELESS BODY!
Cons: There are NO drawbacks!

– Linda