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Teri Lund - Client of the Month

Teri Lund

Teri Lund

What is your name, where are you from, occupation, and a fun fact about yourself?

Teri Baldwin Lund, I am from a town called Fairfield in Montana. I went to Montana State University and that is where I met my husband, Randy. I am a “Project Management Consultant." I love to travel! We have been to Norway, Italy, England France and when I was small I traveled to all 50 states to see their capitols. That is what you get when you think memorizing the States and their capitols is fun

How long have you been practicing GYROTONIC® / Pilates, and how long have you been a client at Circle Studio?

I have been doing Pilates for almost 18 years (in June) and Gyro for almost a year. At one point I hyper extended and injured my knee, but with the help of a previous Circle Studio Pilates instructor I escaped surgery! It really shows that trust is a huge part of Gyro and Pilates and that is one reason I really appreciate a studio like Circle Studio - you have to be an excellent instructor to work at Circle.

What is your favorite GYROTONIC® exercise?

I really like the Dolphin, it is similar to my favorite Pilates exercise - Long Spine.  While I love feeling strong, I also love the long back stretch you get from Dolphin– yummy!  Lately Shannon has also been training me on the “Jumping Stretching Board” machine. I love it! 10 minutes on this machine is like a full workout. And so far every exercise has been a big brain work out too!

What do you love most about GYROTONIC®?

I always feel so much better after I work out. I had hurt my lower back/hip area and for 18 months no matter what I did I just couldn’t feel better. Then Pilates instructor, Holly, suggested I try GYROTONIC® and I have to admit I was skeptical. Now that I have spent time with it I LOVE Gyro even (gasp) more than Pilates. Shannon is a great GYROTONIC® teacher! She does an excellent job in body cues and I love that she tries new exercises with me all the time. When I come in I know I am going to be challenged, feel better, and my body will look and feel better too.

What benefits have you seen from practicing GYROTONIC®? What has changed the most since you’ve started?

Hands down my back and hip are so much better since I started Gyro!  I have no pain at all!  YEAH! Even better because of Gyro I have cues to myself when I get stiff - what exercises I can do at home. Of course the benefit I love from Gyro or Pilates is people always ask me if I have lost weight. I never have but I think the two programs firm you up! [Circle Owner] Kari always said her dream was to do a combination of GYROTONIC® and Pilates and now I am doing just that and I get it, they really do complement each other. Gyro stretches and works your muscles while I feel Pilates builds strength and works your muscles.

What advise would you give to a GYROTONIC® / Pilates client who is just starting out?

I tell anyone who is beginning to give it a year. When my husband started Pilates I told him if he was going to start he had to do it at least 2x a week for a year. It takes a little while to learn how to do the exercises and your body has to change for you to really get the benefit. In 10 sessions I noted a difference in my body in a good way. In a year you really feel better about yourself and you feel comfortable with the equipment.

Any final thoughts to share?

Patience is a good thing. Patience with yourself – it took you a minute to learn to read a novel it takes a little more than a minute to learn Gyro and Pilates methods, and the best part is just when you think you have it down there is something new to learn! We are never too old a dog to learn new tricks!  And try both GYROTONIC® and Pilates together - it is AMAZING!