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Lisa Peyton - Client of the Month

Lisa Peyton


What is your name, where are you from, occupation, and a fun fact about yourself?

My name is Lisa Peyton and I'm originally from Northern Virginia - just outside of DC. I'm a digital media strategist, consultant and adjunct professor at Portland State University. Fun fact...I used to play bass and sing in an all-girl band called Blue Balls. 😉

How long have you been practicing Pilates, and how long have you been a client at Circle Studio?

I've been practicing Pilates for well over 10 years. I got started using video cassette tapes - that is how long ago I started. I LOVED Pilates and decided I wanted to become an instructor. I went through the training and now teach mat classes part-time. I've been a client at Circle Studio for a few years. My good friend, Raime Merriman, introduced me to Circle. She was doing GYROTONIC® sessions with [owner] Kari and raved about them. I found out they had amazing Pilates equipment and fell in love with the space and the instructors.

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Wow - that's a tough one. I really love stomach massage, as it's very effective and you can really feel it working. I also love Elephant, footwork, anything on the reformer really. I can say from personal experience that leg circles have kept my hips healthy over the years. I cycle several time per week and without leg circles my hips get really achy.

What do you love most about Pilates?

I always feel the BEST just after I do Pilates. The combination of breath, core engagement and movement really clears my mind and puts in the a great mood. I love that Pilates leaves you feeling MORE flexible than when you started. Not many aerobic exercises do that.

What benefits have you seen from practicing Pilates? What has changed the most since you’ve started?

"I have officially grown an inch! I was 5'9" and then in my 30's I went to the doctor and I was 5'10". The nurse immediately noticed the extra inch and asked if I had been doing Pilates. I said YES!"

What advise would you give to a Pilates / GYROTONIC® client who is just starting out?

Just starting out is hard, as it takes some time to really learn how to engage the right muscles and get past the power muscles that always want to take over. But once you can get past the initial uncomfortable feeling, it becomes the best addiction ever!

Any final thoughts to share?

Circle Studio really helps to make me feel my best and I love the supportive atmosphere in the studio. They are always welcoming and willing to give clients an amazing workout. Working on the reformer has taken my own Pilates practice to the next level and I recommend it for anyone who wants to get longer, leaner, more flexible and stronger!