Circle Studio

1231 NW 11th Avenue

Back Pain and GYROTONIC®

Clients who try working out on the GYROTONIC® Tower are always so surprised by how they can stretch and open tight places in their bodies that they were never able to reach before.  Clients often state how good it feels, almost like they are getting a massage while doing the exercises on the equipment.

A lot of clients come in because of hip and low back pain.  They find the leg exercises incredibly helpful: pulley cables float the clients’ legs into the air effortlessly at about 45 degree angle, and from here clients can do leg exercises like scissoring, circling, hip strengthening and stretching that release tension in the low back and gluteals while strengthening the core and hamstrings.  The pulley straps provide this continuous support of the legs, allowing clients the ability to move in their full range of movement safely.