Circle Studio

1231 NW 11th Avenue

My Discovery of Pilates and Gyrotonic

In my twenties. I’d herniated a disk and had rib misplacement from ballet beating up my body. Yes, ballet – that beautiful thing! By 21 I was living in so much pain that I really wondered how I would cope as I aged with this discomfort.  After five years of back pain I discovered Pilates and then the Gyrotonic System. I no longer live with chronic pain.  The Gyrotonic machines helped me heal areas of my back I could never reach and strengthen my core and hamstrings in a whole new way. During my 13 years of teaching I have found that some of my clients in their 70s can be more youthful than people I’ve taught in their 20s and 30s who live with debilitating pain.  Gyrotonic exercise is great for everyone and we hope to inspire the younger population to take better care and have a better understanding of how to care for the bodies.

Kari Koch, Owner of Circle Studio