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Welcome Muffie!

Muffie Connelly

Muffie Connelly is a GYROTONIC® Trainer, dancer, mother and lover of the human form and all of its potential.Her GYROTONIC® teaching reflects her love for physical empowerment, coupled with her extensive history and experience in Modern/Contemporary dance, Ballet, Alexander Technique and Yoga.

Muffie received her BFA in Dance from the University of Illinois as well as a minor in International Arts. In her career as a dancer and movement researcher, Muffie has lived, performed and studied in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Zimbabwe, Chile and San Francisco . In 2007 she moved to San Francisco to begin her teacher training in GYROTONIC®. What began as a three week course quickly turned into a new path in her continued research of movement therapy. Soon after, Muffie was teaching at San Francisco GYROTONIC®, where she also studied under, and worked alongside, Master Trainers Debra Rose and Nora Heiber. During her time in San Francisco she achieved certifications in GYROTONIC® and the Archway as well as GYROTONIC® Level 2 and Osteopathic Applications in the Context ofGYROTONIC® workshops. As a Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer, her current area of interests are of the systems applications in rehabilitation as well as pre and post-partum training for mothers.

In 2011, after the birth of her baby, Frankie, she relocated to Portland. Muffie and Frankie can often be seen strolling along the Portland streets, frequenting local boutiques, parks and coffee shops while delightfully “friend heckling” passers by. Their new family loves Portland.