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Live Your Life and Love Your Body

I get so frustrated when I read the posts, articles, and suggested pages on my social media news feeds, especially around this time of dieting oriented 'resolutions.' I’m tired of all the body shaming that I see in posts and ads mostly directed at women. Body shaming can be defined as: negative statements about another person's body regarding its shape and size -- usually to sell a product or service. An example would be something along the lines of "Bikini season is almost here! Get Bikini ready in 5 simple moves!" You know how I get ready to wear a bathing suit? I shave my legs if I’m in the mood. I know what you’re thinking: "Well, easy for her to say, she's really fit." It might shock you to learn that no one, even those of us who are 'fit,' are safe from feeling inadequate in relation to the idealistic body types that are shown in the media.

I would love to live in a world in which playing in the sun in our swimsuits was not to be worried about or traumatic in any way.

The reason I love our staff and culture at Circle Studio so much is I've never heard statements like this uttered once by anyone working here. Our culture here at Circle supports what I strive for in my daily life: balance, positive self talk, strength and awareness of how we move. Here are some things I’ve been doing to help overcome this sense of shame that media seems to provoke:

Moving my body Our bodies were made to move; jump, squat, push, pull, run, etc. When I move my body in a way that feels good to me but challenges me in both mind and body, I feel my best. That's what I love so much about Gyrotonic and Pilates: they incorporate all the basic movements of living while encouraging good posture, awareness of our bodies in space and strength in an approachable and low impact way.

Eating to fuel my body I try my best to eat as intelligently as possible: I use healthy fats, try to eat green stuff and vegetables as often as possible, eat good protein and drink water. I eat birthday cake on birthdays, am almost fanatical about gummy candies, love my morning coffee and eat steaks when I'm in the mood. I've tried restricting myself from 'bad foods' such as these, as I would argue every woman I have ever met has at some point and to put it simple: it doesn’t work. I’m tired of foods being 'off limits.' That doesn't work for me. I work with my doctor (Dr. Saccomano at Red Leaf Clinic) and incorporate what she recommends.

My main point here is this: I am tired of feeling bad about myself and am even more tired of hearing other people feel bad about the way they look; I've never seen a body walk through the doors of this studio that wasn't amazingly unique and beautiful with its own strengths and specialties. When I do my best at the things I have outlined above I feel my best. No more shame --  just living in the solution like we do here at Circle!