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Yes, Your Body IS (at least somewhat) Like Your Car: The Wisdom of Gyrotonic

Many clients and friends think they need to do intense workouts to achieve great physical results. The old rubric of “No pain, no gain” has been disproven in favor of regular exercise that doesn’t have to hurt at all. Think of how you maintain your car:

  • regular oil changes
  • drive at a consistent speed
  • don’t rev the engine
  • good tires
  • good alignment

Our bodies are very similar.  We need to drive our bodies regularly so they don't rust so to speak, keep them in good alignment, not rev the engine all the time, and keep our feet happy and healthy like a good set of tires.  Gyrotonic is a wise form of exercise that follows these same principles while giving you results including, but not limited to, weight loss, increased strength and mobility, better alignment and reduced pain and injury, great posture, and long term health and ability to stay active.