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10 Ways Pilates has Improved My Running

After 6 marathons, a few half marathons and some fun runs I’ve definitely put in my time on the road. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my runs (and enjoyment of them) after beginning Pilates because even though I’ve always loved to run, it hasn’t always felt good. I can happily report that I now enjoy every run pain free thanks to Pilates. Here’s how Pilates has improved my running and can improve yours:

  1. Posture: Pilates has taught me to stand taller, which has in turn allowed me to run more efficiently by stacking my joints and allowing my entire system to function better.  That and I think I look better running tall...I didn’t say that Pilates has helped with my vanity
  2. Breathing: due to stronger intercostal (rib) muscles and stronger diaphragm, my lung capacity and therefore my endurance has increased leaps and bounds
  3. Alignment: Before I was plagued by “runner’s knee,” hip pain, and stress fractures in my feet. Pilates has taught me better alignment which has reduced imbalances and translated to a marked reduction in my injuries/complaining
  4. Core Strength: because my core is stronger, I run from my powerhouse rather than just gassing out my quads, calves or other part of my body; I now run faster for longer
  5. Flexibility: when I first started Pilates, I couldn’t touch my toes and sitting on the floor was almost unbearable for any length of time due to my hip stiffness. Pilates has stretched me I can do the splits which helps keep me agile for running!
  6. Mental Endurance: the mind/body connection has helped me to focus during difficult runs not to mention the confidence I have in myself because Pilates has shown me what my body can really do
  7. Control: the control that is necessary in Pilates (Joseph Pilates called the method “Contrology”) has enabled me to run with more precision which helps me react to my environment and reduces my chance of injury
  8. Stride/Foot Placement: Pilates has taught me to be light on my feet and distribute my weight more evenly. Because of this, my strike is more in my mid foot rather that heavy on my heels...I run like a ninja!
  9. Hamstring/Glute Connection: I have learned to use my glutes and hamstrings to propel myself forward which gives me more strength and speed on my runs...runners have a tendency to allow our quads to do everything
  10. Balance: My balance and proprioception have improved through difficult exercises both on the mat and on Pilates equipment which has translated to better balance during my runs, especially on those tricky trails!

Are you interested? Come check out a workout with me and I’ll show you first hand! Mention this blog post and I’ll give you your first session with me for half off. You’ll be hooked and running like a ninja in no time. ~Lynnea