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Why Workout Buddies Help You Work and How Circle Helps you Find Them

By Lynnea Amend, Certified Pilates Instructor.

Me with another one of my awesome fitness friends, Laurel, at the "Dirty Girl" obstacle course on June 2nd.

Me with another one of my awesome fitness friends, Laurel, at the "Dirty Girl" obstacle course on June 2nd.

Last night I got a text from my workout buddy, Denise, asking if I’d like to join her for a bootcamp style class at 5:30am the next morning. What I thought was: “nope.” but what I said was “LET’S DO THIS!” Why did I lie to my friend? 1) I don’t want Denise to make fun of me for being a baby and 2) even though I don’t like getting up that early I love to workout, especially with Denise because her enthusiasm is contagious; I always work harder when she’s there.

So we’re in class and the instructor demonstrates a push-up in which you start with your feet on the ground, then walk up the wall behind you into a handstand. WHAT. Then the instructor shows us a less advanced option. True to form, Denise wants to start the circuit on the handstand. So we start and by the third time through the circuit, I want to stop and do the less advanced version, not because I’m hurt but because it’s hard! But my pride won’t let me; Denise and the woman in our group are still rockin’ the handstand, so I push myself.

Same thing yesterday when I worked out with fellow Pilates instructor Holly Meyers and I tried to sneakily skip the snake/twist, a difficult exercise on the Reformer. “Um, doesn’t the Snake come next?” (Holly is really nice even when she’s calling me out--Denise should take note *hint*). “yeeeeessssuhhhhh, it does” I sigh.  I worked up a good sweat and did exercises I normally skip when I’m on my own.

Why the heck should you care that I pushed myself harder with others? The same principle applies to you. A recent(ish) study found that working out with others, even virtually, not only improved the participants’ performance during that workout, but also improved their motivation overtime. By working out with others, you will see better results due to pushing yourself harder and you might even-gasp-make some more fitness minded friends!

Here at Circle, we love what we do and who we do it with. Our group classes are motivating, fun, and effective. Our Summer Start-Up Series are the perfect chance to join a class with other beginners to try Gyrotonic, Pilates, or both! The classes last for four weeks and often turn into “standing” classes because the participants choose to turn it into their weekly workout. For example, the kick-butt peeps in my Cardio Pilates class all decided to continue, in no small part to the support they give each other during class; “you can do it! Almost done!" and of course playful jabs at yours truly for being such a “drill sergeant” certainly have helped them bond.

So here’s what I recommend: come to our Open House Saturday, June 29th from 2-4pm and meet us, other clients, try a free workout, relax afterwards with a one of the many free services we’re offering like free acupuncture from Red Leaf Health Clinic and then get yourself a coupon for the start-up series and the new client special, but most importantly, find your new workout buddies!