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Heather Shares her Prenatal Pilates Journey

Heather Thompson, our resident master teacher and new mama; shares her experience with her Pilates workout throughout her pregnancy to post partum. Don't miss Heather's Pre-Natal Pilates Workshop Sunday April 21st at 1pm (90 minutes, only $35 per person) where you'll learn safe and effective exercises to do throughout your own pregnancy.

As a Pilates instructor, I am fascinated by different ways the body adapts to certain situations. So, when I found out I was pregnant, I was super excited to document how my body changed and how my workouts adapted to the different challenges each trimester presented me with.

The first trimester I felt very lucky!! I had some mild nausea and some food intolerances,  but besides that, felt pretty good! My biggest challenge was the! You can still move how you want, but my body said hold on!!! Take a nap! So, I did.

Starting with the second trimester, my movement challenges became more clear. When I popped out, I stopped running. It made no sense to jiggle my little peanut all around and I was not too comfortable putting the extra strain on my pelvic floor. I figured that was going to happen anyway, why make it worse! As the pregnancy went on, various workouts disappeared and some modified. I found my Pilates invaluable, however, and learned even more about why I love it!!

I focused a lot on the strength of the transverses abdominal exercises as that supported my baby and my back the most. I stretched all the time and because I am a body nerd, I wrote down my pregnancy routine so I could refer to it later for workshops!

I am now 5 1/2 weeks postpartum and gaining even more respect for pilates and how it helps regain your strength in a gentle and effective manner. I had a 3 finger split in my abs and in four weeks, brought it to a 1 finger split. Pilates is awesome. I have learned a lot about patience and compassion for the body and spirit during this process and in return, I have a beautiful baby boy: