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Circle's Spotlight Instructor: Susie Ellison

Susie Ellison

Susie Ellison knew she loved GYROTONIC® as soon as she saw Kari practicing the method; “I loved how it looked: the line, the stretch, the opposition…” She immediately took a GYROKINESIS® class and loved how she felt afterwards even more: “I felt as though I had a massage!” Susie was hooked to say the least. Before that, Susie had been a stay at home mom and wasn’t sure about reentering the workforce. However, as she began taking the Gyrotonic certification course, she knew right away that she wanted to teach. “Everyone should be spiraling!” Susie says about her epiphany in that class, “I wanted to share it with others so that they could feel how good I felt from Gyro.”

Susie completed the Gyrotonic teacher training and has been teaching for four year. She’s trained in the following specialties for the method: hand and foot training, Jump/Stretch Board, Gyrokinesis, and Gyro Level 2 pre-training. Susie loves working with beginners and especially with people who have to sit a lot or perform repetitive motions for their jobs as she feels that they have the biggest “ah-ha” moments about the importance of their bodies. She says, “We only have one body, take care of it!”

One of Susie’s long time clients, Heidi, has this to say about her own journey with Gyro after she’d experienced some health complications: “My spirits were always lifted by being in class with Susie's positive energy.  As my health improved and I got stronger, Susie continued to modify our Gyro sessions.  She celebrated each victory with me as I progressed in my Gyro practice.” Now a committed practitioner, Heidi has found the same awareness, stretch and strength that Susie found years before: “Gyro is much more than a fantastic whole-body exercise.  While my body is being conditioned and strengthened through the movements of the Gyro practice, I am also better able to get in touch with how my body is feeling.” Read Heidi’s inspiring story and entire testimonial here.

Susie continues to spread the good word about Gyro with every client she trains.  Book a private session with Susie and not only will you experience her passion for Gyro and the power of the method yourself, but you’ll receive $15 off up to 3 private sessionsthrough the month of March!