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Project Lemonade, Helping Portland's Foster Kids

By Susie Ellison

We've been given so much this year that the Circle family would like to give back. We are going to contribute a portion of the proceeds from our gift certificate sales to Project Lemonade, which provides new clothing and accessories at no cost to the 2,000 kids in the greater Portand area's Foster Care system. Our very own Gyrotonic instructor, Susie Ellison, volunteers her time and sweet spirit to Project Lemonade. Here's what she says about her experience working with the kids helped by Project Lemonade. From Susie:

"There are more than 2000 children in the Multnomah County, Oregon Foster Care system. Due to budget cuts there is no money for clothing vouchers. To meet that emergency, Project Lemonade launched in 2012.

With the strength of many determined women and men – all volunteers -- we were able to collect enough clothes to fill a beautiful store and serve over 1400 children. To see each child come into the store and be able to select new clothes for maybe the first time in their lives was so gratifying. It was very apparent that what we were doing for these children was life changing. The children were not shy about letting us know the difference a new pair of shoes and fresh jeans was going to make. Knowing that each child was able to leave the store and start school with all new clothes was extremely rewarding.

With the help of businesses like Circle Studio, kids in foster care will be able to count on Project Lemonade in 2013. Anyone interested in volunteering or learning more about Project Lemonade can check out the website or visit Project Lemonade on Facebook."