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Pris Cronin, Pilates Student Extraordinaire, Talks with Leslie

By Leslie Vanden Bos

“Pris is a dedicated and enthusiastic client who always comes in to her early morning sessions with a smile. She has fun with life as well as her workouts. I think I learn as much from her about how to enjoy life as she learns from me about Pilates! She never backs away from a challenge and we have been increasing her intensity lately. She may be intimidated at first, but she always dives in and wants to try again. Her confidence that she will be able to do an exercise is astounding and wonderful to watch. Her humor about the exercises reminds us both that it is just Pilates.”

- Heather Thompson

Heather and Pris
Heather and Pris

Pris Cronin started her Pilates career in January of 2008 at Circle Studio, and she's still going strong. Pris comes to the studio twice a week for private sessions with instructor Heather Thompson. Although Pris was, and continues to be, very active, she felt Pilates would be a great addition to her workout routine in order to address her back problems, increase her core strength, and improve her posture. Not long after having a double mastectomy, a friend remarked to Pris that she “slumps a lot.” Not needing much more motivation than that, Pris immediately incorporated Pilates into a routine that already included zumba five times a week, golf, and bowling. Despite the fact that Pris already belonged to a larger gym, she was attracted to Circle Studio because of its small size – she knew she wanted one-on-one instruction and didn’t want to be with a lot of other people.

Pris has noticed a marked improvement in her posture over the five years that she has done Pilates, and her back pain is gone now, even when she golfs. Her core and lower back strength have both increased. Heather and Pris have also been working on balance exercises, and now Pris is able to stretch and balance in ways that she could not before. Another benefit of Pilates that Pris has seen is an increase in her flexibility – although not a flexible person by nature, she can now do the tree! Heather is continually helping Pris to gain the confidence she needs to try new and harder exercises. At first, Pris was intimidated by the side sits up on the Reformer (try them, and you’ll see why!), and she says, “had to hang on for the longest time. But now I can do them. Heather is great at giving people confidence. And she pushes me. I love it. She starts you right in when you get here and she doesn’t stop until you’re through – she’s very good.” Of her workouts, Pris says she can, “see improvement all the time – each time I come. I love it. It’s a daily part of my life.”

Now, instead of friends telling her that she slumps, Pris gets compliments. She says, “Everybody thinks I’ve lost so much weight – it isn’t the weight at all. It’s just that I’ve gotten longer. I just feel better about myself and get positive energy from Pilates.”