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Defying Gravity with Pilates

Circle's Pilates and Active Isolated Stretch instructor Heather Thompson attended a great Amy Taylor Alpers workshop, "Defy Gravity: the Intension of Suspension" in Kirkland, Washington in September. From the Workshop Description: "Haven't you ever dreamed of flying - of floating in air with that weightless feeling of freedom and release from gravity? Pilates can make that feeling possible. It is the anti-gravity system, designed very intentionally to organize your body so wisely and naturally that you literally feel lighter and truly do defy gravity longer. However, it's often taught from a more careful, slightly fear-based approach of stabilizing or holding parts of the body to prevent movement, especially in the case of injury. Instead, we can learn to teach from the natural truth that enabling and supporting movement through the amazing suspension system we all have in our own bodies is actually what heals. Utilizing the profound natural laws of movement, we can learn to teach a client how to move - not stabilize - in a suspension field of amazing bones, cables and fluids to develop the strongest, lightest, most powerful body possible. The geometry of energy.

In this workshop we will discover how to teach the idea of suspension versus stabilization. Utilizing Pilates Mat and Reformer exercises we will explore ways of reconnecting to the innate 'tensegrity' in our bodies. Tensegrity, the term coined by Buckminster Fuller, means 'tensional integrity,' or "the use of internal forces to overcome external forces, as in a self-supporting sculpture," which defines this universal truth - a way of following nature's design to achieve more results with less effort.

Wow! Ask Heather for more details.