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Benefits of Active Isolated Stretch for Golfers

We love getting letters from clients, especially one like this: I have worked with Circle Studio instructor Heather Thompson using the Active Isolated Stretching method to assist in rehab for a chronic low back issue. The results were immediate and dramatic - my back and hips are now much more flexible and I am now pain-free. Heather is a great teacher and really understands the human body and how change happens. She is also a skilled Pilates coach and I found the blend of AIS and Pilates to be really beneficial.

I am a golf professional and have struggled with low back pain and stiffness for many years (the golf swing creates a lot of torque on the lower back). The AIS method is one of the most effective protocols that I have used in my journey to a healthy back. If you play golf, you owe it to yourself to try AIS with Heather Thompson.

Jim Waldron Director of Instruction Balance Point Golf Schools