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New Findings in Exercise and Weight Loss

Most of us have put “lose weight” and “get fit” on our long-term to-do list, but recent studies have revealed that it may be more important to work out smart than to work out hard.  An article featured in The New York Times on exercise and weight loss gives further insight to the new information being constantly observed in regards to the human body.  A highly vigorous workout can certainly make us feel as though we have earned the shedding of a pound or two, but with that also comes the chemical signals from the brain and body to intake more calories- to refuel, thus often counteracting the intentions of high-cardio, fat-burning exercise.  According to studies in the article, this can ring even truer for women, as female bodies often try their best to store fat for self-preservation.  Instead, experts appear to suggest that moderate-impact exercise for an hour a day, such as Pilates and Gyrotonic at Circle StudioJ, may be more effective, as it burns calories and increases muscle strength without exacerbating the body to the point of intense hunger.  What good news for those of us who practice these wonderful disciplines!




Want to get the whole scoop?  Read the New York Times article- Weighing the Evidence on Exercise.