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When Chiropractic Methods Compliment Pilates and Gyrotonic

Years ago I started doing Pilates and Gyrotonic as a way to help severe back pain that ended my career as a dancer. I was thrilled with my progress but, like so many dancers and athletes, I had acquired some stubborn muscle pain that persisted. I know some people will ask, How can you have tightness with all the Pilates and Gyrotonic you do? My answer is that certain areas of the body seem to hold on to muscle tension. Think about that persistent. Or persistently on-and-off sore neck, back or knee you may have. Even though it’s “just” a muscle strain, it can last a long time.

I recently had the good luck to meet a Pearl District neighbor of ours, chiropractor Dr. Seth Hosmer and his staff.  Dr. Hosmer has worked with athletes (including bicyclists) for years and discussed his approach with me, focusing on the importance of soft tissue: muscles.

He explained that when a muscle is so tight as to cause pain, it takes about two weeks of manipulation to release it before we can actually get it to stretch! He has shown me – on my own body -- the huge benefit of a method he practices with patients: Active Release Technique, ART.

After just one session I was impressed, and after five sessions I’m a believer. It works. Muscle aches that I’ve had in my hips, back, and legs have lessened remarkably. I recommend Seth Hosmer and his methods to my clients who experience persistent achiness and invite you to let me know if you’re as pleased as I am.